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Over the past 75 years, the words 'Holiday on Ice'​ have gained a special meaning throughout many parts of the world. Holiday on Ice has become a brand name for top quality ice entertainment.

In its European home markets Holiday on Ice promotes an average of 40 weeks of shows each year, with up to 1 million tickets sold.

Holiday on Ice is owned by CTS Eventim GmbH – Europe’s largest ticket distributor, with its headquarters in Bremen, Germany.

We continually strive to improve what we do best: The production of internationally appealing shows, complemented by our in-house touring and marketing capabilities.


The Tour Manager (TM) is in charge of the touring production he/she is assigned to. The TM represents Holiday on Ice Productions by showing leadership as the main and only representative manager on tour in all daily activities and matters.

The TM is leading the tour staff which consist of a Stage Manager, Performance Supervisor, Assistant Tour Manager and, if applicable, the Caterer. The TM has a proactive role in all operational, financial and personnel-related matters of the touring production. This includes management, coordination and communication within the touring production on the one side, and head office, venue and/or local promoter, media on the other side.

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Education & Qualifications
- HBO, Bachelor degree in vocational education & (financial) administration.
- Excellent knowledge of MS Office (including Excel)
- Excellent knowledge of English language supplemented with one or two other languages.

- Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a travelling organization (travelling branch, live entertainment, rock & roll) and leading groups of (younger) people
- Minimum of 3 years’ experience in a management function preferably in live entertainment branch
- Good financial insight and management
- Events organization and management
- Excellent communication, people management and leadership skills
- Inspiring person and showing leadership and sense of responsibility
- Showing human interest and being able to create and motivate a team
- Strong problem analyzer and conflict/problem solver.
- Eagle eye for details
- The ultimate organizer with a hands-on mentality.
- Flexible and willing to be away from home.
- A good match with live entertainment culture



Representing Holiday on Ice and General Tour management:
- Responsible for the overall daily management and supervision of the touring production (as described below)
- Be the ambassador of the company for the personnel on tour and to any third parties (venue management, promoters, media partners, etc.)
- Act on behalf of general company’s management by upholding and communicating the company policies, resolving disputes, addressing any questions or issues of the touring personnel
- Contribute to the hospitality and well-being of the personnel on tour

Personnel management
- Responsible as manager for cast, crew, hired staff by providing leadership in all matters, motivating people, keeping the discipline, addressing issues or questions, solving conflicts
- Responsible for quality of life on tour by creating and organizing the best possible conditions to work, travel and live
- Contributing to a good atmosphere by organizing events, showing interest in the life of the group
- Coaching and motivating people

Financial management
- Working with and within the running budgets of the production
- Carrying out engagement settlements with the local venues/promoters
- Communicating current levels of expenditure to the Associate Producer and/ or Executive Producer.
- Handling cash money on tour, settling hotel and travel bills.
- Check and give approval to all financial documents prepared by ATM (e.g. pay-roll, day-books)
- Check and monitor the accuracy of the merchandise sales and merchandise cash revenues

Internal information and communication
- Responsible for providing and controlling the updates on the itinerary, work schedules, travel schedules, hotel rooming lists
- Further communicating this information to all departments within the tour and to the external parties such as HOI head office, venues and local promoters, media partners (if needed)
- Cooperate with the marketing teams on organization and execution of the PR and Publicity activites

Tour preparation and administration supervising
- Preparing the production by checking on the status of hotel bookings, transportation and work permits/visa’s with the Production- and HR departments
- Supervising the administrative processes taken care of by the assistant tour manager at the start of the tour.
- Providing all personnel with reporting details and other information for the start of the production.
- Once on tour the Tour Manager supervise the assistant tour manager on administrative tasks such as visa and work permits procedures, financial administration and updating personnel files.

Personnel transportation and lodging
- Organising the personnel transportation and accommodation on tour within the given budget. This includes, if necessary, selecting, negotiating and contracting the hotels/transport companies
- Be in charge of the actual logistics coordination on tour such as making travel schedules, communicating with the transport companies, informing hotels about rooming list changes and settlement of hotel bills. (These tasks are usually shared with or delegated to the assistant tour manager. However the TM stays the end responsible).

Back-up Local Team/Promoter
- Assisting / facilitating the local teams/promoter with press and media events and monitor the way Holiday in Ice is represented.
- Coordinate in connection with the responsible Country Manager (Germany/France) and local publicity managers the event on location.

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An exciting job as Company Manager at the number one producer of ice shows in the world. We currently tour around Europe with 2 shows with a cast and crew consisting of more than 20 nationalities.


Interested? Please send your resume and cover letter to

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