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Assistant Tour Manager

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Over the past 75 years, the words 'Holiday on Ice'​ have gained a special meaning throughout many parts of the world. Holiday on Ice has become a brand name for top quality ice entertainment.

In its European home markets Holiday on Ice promotes an average of 40 weeks of shows each year, with up to 1 million tickets sold.

Holiday on Ice is owned by CTS Eventim GmbH – Europe’s largest ticket distributor, with its headquarters in Bremen, Germany.

We continually strive to improve what we do best: The production of internationally appealing shows, complemented by our in-house touring and marketing capabilities.


The Assistant Tour Manager (ATM) is responsible for coordinating and executing all financial and personnel related administration of the production he/she is assigned to. The ATM reports directly to the Tour Manager and provides support to the Tour Manager in all daily touring routines.

As a member of the tour staff the ATM is responsible for communicating and upholding company policies & procedures and decisions taken by the Head Office or Tour Manager. The ATM should always be approachable for the employees on tour and the Head Office.

Assistant Tour Manager should possess strong managing potential and administrative skills to be able to whenever necessary represent the Tour Manager in the tasks/activities where the Tour Manager can be temporary unavailable.

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Education & Qualifications
- Bachelor degree (HBO)
- Good knowledge of English language supplemented with one or two other languages

- Experience in office administration (preferably in connection with the entertainment/events brunch and/or in an international company)
- Book-keeping and managing of financial documentation
- Related HR experience is a plus

- Excellent organizational and communication skills
- Cooperative and positive work attitude
- Flexible, energetic and pro-active
- Responsible, well organized, accurate in administration
- Eagle-eye for details


Financial administration
Before the start of the production and during the production the main financial tasks are:
- Setting up and preparing the weekly payroll in which the salary payments and extra payments are processed
- Preparing the weekly show file with all relevant financial transactions such as day-books, merchandise reports (together with the responsible merchandise seller), ticket sales, invoices, etc.
- Be responsible for the final (end of engagement) cash counting and reconciliation
- Deposit and change money at the local bank (if required).
- Responsible for answering questions of employees concerning the pay slips.
- Set-up Dutch bank accounts for the employees when needed
- Keeping the financial department in the Head Office up to date with relevant information
- Regular count of the tickets (stub count), if required
- Preparing engagement settlements (if required)
- Assist merchandise seller with the weekly stock count

HR administration (in collaboration with the Head Office HR department and Tour manager)
Before the start of the production and during the production the main personnel-related tasks are:
- Registration of the touring employees within required organizations such as health insurance, the foreign police office, tax authorities, etc.
- Application for Social Security numbers, A1 statements, Work permits and Visa’s.

- Monthly sickness registration (if required)
- Keeping up to date all personnel-related documents of the touring group, such as the personnel list (PL), passport information list (PIL), merge files, entrance forms, end of employment letters documents, etc.
- Assistance to the touring personnel with the HR-related matters, such as but not limited to appointments with the doctors, health-insurance questions, etc.
- Providing the HR department with up to date relevant information

Other duties on tour
- Assist Tour Manager with all daily activities and routines of the touring production
- Be pro-active in sharing the tasks with the Tour Manager, such as but not limited to providing and controlling the updates on itineraries, work- and travel schedules, rooming lists, communicating the relevant information to all parties involved internal and external.
- Responsible for adequate personnel overviews sent to hotels, travelling companies, local authorities, payroll- and HR departments.
- Assist personnel with collecting info on (e.g.) local stores, pharmacies, gym facilities, doctors, physio services, etc.
- When requested take minutes of the weekly tour staff meetings
- Stock count of the office crate at the end of the season and leaving the crate ready to be used for the next season
- Contribute to the general hospitality and well-being of the personnel on tour

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We offer an exciting job at the number one producer of ice shows in the world. We currently tour through Europe with two shows with a cast and crew consisting of more than 20 nationalities.


Interested? Please send your resume and cover letter to

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